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BMW 120i E87 engine problem P1126


I have a problem with my bmw 120i E87 from 2005.
Its giving me the fault code P1126 and i am unsure of what the problem is.
Things i have noticed is that its consuming a very high amount of oil right now, it takes about a week for it to alert low oil level after topping it up.
It also consumes high amount of gasoline.

It used to go into limp-home mode on occasion but it doesnt anymore.


Lots of oil and lots of petrol, suspect you have a problem with piston rings but it could be crankcase ventilation. Better you leave the car to BMW for an examination. The survey doesn't cost that much and you get the right answer.
Check that page, you might be able to find error code P1126

How do you feel about the problem?


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